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Welcome to SOCGAIN.COM a service that lets you boost your social media presence and increase traffic to your account for free! Gain Instagram followers, increase your and Facebook likes, generate multiple retweets on Twitter and expand your VK friend count, by joining the Social Gainer. It’s that simple!

Please note that you are only required to pass authorization of your social network, so the service does not require your username and password.

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How it works

Step-by-step Tutorial

Social Gainer - is the best place to generate multiple likes and followers on your account. If you want to use this service for FREE, you will need to earn points. The points can then be exchanged for likes, followers or comments. Here is the point earning system summarized in 8 simple steps.

For example, this is how SocGain works on Instagram:

Step 1. Earning points.

There are 3 methods to earn points: Liking, Following or Commenting. Let’s go with the “liking” method.

Step 2. Like the Photo/Video

Press the blue button. You will then see an Instagram page with photos.

Step 3. Click "Like"

Click on heart after which you must close window of that Instagram photo.

Step 4. Get points

After you’ve liked the photo you will receive a notification about the points added to your account balance

Step 5. Earn multiple points

Repeat steps 2 - 4 as many times as you want in order to receive more points.

Step 6. Start getting likes!

Click Gain -> Gain likes. After that select a photo on which you want to earn your likes .

Step 7. Balance your budget

Enter the amount of likes you want to receive on your photo, but double check that you have enough points on you balance. And then click GAIN!

Step 8. Enjoy

Open your Instagram profile and enjoy your new likes thanks toSocial Gainer!

Also you can choose to :

earn free points
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