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Welcome to SOCGAIN.COM a service that lets you boost your social media presence and increase traffic to your account for free! Gain Instagram followers, increase your and Facebook likes, generate multiple retweets on Twitter and expand your VK friend count, by joining the Social Gainer. It’s that simple!

Please note that you are only required to pass authorization of your social network, so the service does not require your username and password.

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Promote your Instagram account

Want to become popular on Instagram? You can instantly increase likes, followers and comments for free. Moreover, your new followers are guaranteed to be real people.

VK promotion

With SocGain you can boost the number of likes, group members, friends, and shares without exposing yourself to any risk. Impress everyone with your profile’s social media presence.

Gain more followers and likes on Facebook

Boost the number of likes on your posts, groups, and friends. You can even get likes for your comments on Facebook.

Increase your Twitter exposure

Do you run a twitter account? Do you constantly update your feed? If so then Social Gainer is for you! We will ensure that your tweets get noticed by helping you expand your followers and generate an increase in retweets and favorites.

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With SocGain, you can immediately boost the number of likes on the answers of your profile.

YouTube popularity

Views, subscriptions, likes and comments on Youtube – all these features are available!

Periscope Promotion

Increase traffic to your account on Periscope at Socgain! We can help you generate likes, earn subscribers, gain views, and increase your number of invitations to broadcast.

Odnoklassniki (Classmates) coming soon!

By popular demand, this social network will soon be available on Socgain.

Twitch coming soon!

Socgain is working on implementing Twitch as part of our service to help you promote your account and live-streams.

What we offer

Points are earned onto your account balance every time you like another user’s photo. These points can then be spent to promote your page on social media platforms such as: VKontakte (In Contact), Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Odnoklassniki (Classmates),, Twitch, Periscope. Socgain specialize in helping you gain likes, comments, views, subscribers, reposts, friends on a page.


VK is the largest social network in Russia and CIS that used by adults who are roughly under ther age of 25. At VK you can search for new friends with the same interests, find your old friends via city, university, or name and create online groups, photo albums, and posts. Socgain can help you increase your friend count and earn more subscribers to a group.


Instagram is a multi-million dollar social network that allows you to share photos and short video clips all over the world. In Russia, Instagram is very popular and the number of accounts is growing daily. According to analysts those who have the ability to to see and appreciate beauty are avid Instagram users. So to help you receive traffic to your carefully curated content; we offer you the following:


Facebook is the unanimous world leader in social networking. Its popularity is gaining momentum in Russia, despite users first registering to communicate with people from different countries. The platform allows you to create posts, publish photos, receive likes and comments and start social groups. Socgain can help you maneuver around Facebook helping you with the following:


Twitter was created with the goal of facilitating the exchange of short messages. The platform allows users to communicate through microblogs. It’s no wonder that this platform is a favourite for celebrities and other influential figures. Socgain is able to provide you with followers, increase your number of favourites and retweets.

Ask.Fm is a social netwrok that allows user to ask other users anonymous questions. This platform is very popular amongst the younger generation. However, majority of users interact publicly on which they can collect likes for their answers and questions. If you want to become an active user on Socgain can help you:


Youtube allows you to host videos to subscribers around the world. Video are easily accessible and entertaining. Users can create amateur films, share videos, movies, news and much more. If you’re a Youtube user, Socgain can help you earn views, comments and likes on your videos.:


Periscope is a new app that broadcasts videos making it possible to stream any event to users in real time. If you want a simple way to broadcast videos from your smartphone, receive comments and earn likes online, Socgain is ready to help you. Persicope is an incredibly innovative social network with popularity growing at unbelievably fast rate!:


Odnoklassniki was first designed with a user-friendly interface to help accommodate users in their quest to find old friends, colleagues, and classmates. This platform predominantly targets the Russian demographic aged 30 and up . Due to its simple design "Odnoklassniki" has a myriad of dedicated fans, and Socgain plays a role by helping users increase their number of subscribers.

    Coming Soon!

Twitch was originally created for video game fans as a platform where players and companies could broadcast their game plays and cyber tournaments. If you want to start you own broadcast games our website will provide you with the ultimate popularity.

    Coming Soon!